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Cinnamomum parthenoxylon

The tree has gray to brown bark. Its leaves are a glossy green ovals 710 cm long with a point at the end. Like many plants in the Laurel Family, the leaves give off a pleasant smell when crushed. The flowers appear in clusters and are green and very small. The fruits are blackish drupes.

* Cinnamomum parthenoxylon has been reported to be effective in the alleviation of diabetes through its antioxidant and insulin pontentiating activities. Notes/catitan;- There are more articles listed at the top right column ,listed on the following headings/terdapat banyak lagi artikel disenarai di ruangan kanan/atas dibawah tajuk berikut:- * Tips on landscape. More

Cinnamomum parthenoxylon known in English as Selasian wood, Saffrol Laurel, or as Martaban camphor wood. It has the outdated heterotypic synonym Laurus porrecta (Roxb.). The species name parthenoxylon derives from parthenos xylon (Greek: ???????? ?????), meaning "virgin wood." The common name is Spanish is alcanforero amarillo (in English: "yellow camphor") and it is thought to be the tree known in Khmer as mreah prew phnom (Khmer: ????????????). It is an evergreen tree in the genus Cinnamomum. More

Cinnamomum parthenoxylon bark in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats Pages 744-750 Q. Jia, X. Liu, X. Wu, R. Wang, X. Hu, Y. Li, C. Huang Open Preview Purchase PDF (267 K) | Related Articles 10. More