Genus Salvia

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with approximately 700-900 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals.

Species in the genus Salvia of plants


Salvia sprucei - Salvia sprucei is a many-branched plant that reaches up to 12 feet high and 6 feet wide. The leaves are ovate and vary in size, growing up to 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The top of the leaf is green with a yellow undertone, while the underside has white veining that is covered with hairs. The watermelon pink flowers are 1.5 inches long, with the upper lip hooded and covered in fine hairs. The calyces are yellow-green and quite long, reaching .75 inches . The loosely held whorls of flowers grow on branched inflorescences.


Salvia veneris - Salvia veneris is a species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family that is endemic to Cyprus. It is found in a very small area just west of the village of Kythrea. A study in 2004 found only approximately 4,000 surviving plants.