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Seaside alder

Alnus maritima is considered a large shrub or small tree and is the only autumn-blooming member of its genus native to North America. All other North American alders bloom in the spring. The autumn-blooming phenology is a characteristic that Alnus maritima shares with two old-world Alnus species, Alnus nitida and Alnus nepalensis, which are endemic to southeast Asia. This profound similarity in their timing of anthesis has led to their classification as the only three members in the subgenus Clethropsis.

Alnus maritima (also called Seaside Alder) is a species of plant in the Betulaceae family. Alnus maritima is endemic to the United States, and is found naturally in three disjunct populations in Oklahoma, Georgia, and in Maryland and Delaware on the Delmarva Peninsula. In 2002, the three populations were recognized as subspecies and given the names Alnus maritima subsp. oklahomensis, Alnus maritima subsp. georgiensis, and Alnus maritima subsp. maritima, respectively. More

Propagation: Alnus maritima is very easy to grow from seed. Seed sown in spring readily germinates in 21-30 days from sowing. Alnus maritima was featured as Plant of the Week June 12-18, 2009. More