Hayun lagu

The tree is found in limestone forests in Rota and Guam. It has bipinnately compound leaves and brush-like flowers with long pinkish filaments. Seedpods contain one to seven smooth brown seeds.

The development of the The Hayun lagu is erect; in genereral in the lower part they have a pretty bare stem, while p many ramifications develop towards the top. This plant in the autumn assumes a yellow colouring; it is large in size and can reach 17 m high. It doesn't keep its leaves in the winter. As they grow, these plants become the size of a tree. Exposure Hayun laguSole pieno Plant which need at least a few hours a day of solar light. More

Hayun Lagu (Guam), Tronkon Guafi (Rota) Serianthes nelsonii * Status Key: T= Threatened, E= Endangered back. More