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Nickel is an element. More

Element 28: Nickel (Ni), Transition metal Element 29: Copper (Cu), Transition metal Element 30: Zinc (Zn), Transition metal Element 31: Gallium (Ga), Other metal Element 32: Germanium (Ge), Metalloid Element 33: Arsenic (As), Metalloid Element 34: Selenium (Se), Other non-metal Element 35: Bromine (Br), Halogen Element 36: Krypton (Kr), Noble gas Element 37: Rubidium (Rb), Alkali metal Element 38: Strontium (Sr), Alkaline earth metal More

* US Mint Unveils Dramatic New Nickel Designs for 2005, from the Mint's website v d e United States currency and coinage Topics Federal Reserve System Federal Reserve Note U.S. dollar U.S. More

nickel being emitted by 1 and 2 Euro coins far in excess of those standards. This is believed to be due to a galvanic reaction. More

compounds, or salts, nickel forms a variety of coordination compounds or complexes. Most compounds of nickel are green or blue because of hydration or other ligand bonding to the metal. The nickel ion present in water solutions of simple nickel compounds is itself a complex, 2+. More