Hedysarum scoparium

On the dissociation of Hedysarum scoparium A fundamental research on the H. More

Hedysarum scoparium under Water Stress at Midday Authors: Gong, Chunmei(???) Bai, Juan(??) Wang, Genxuan(???) Cao, Cuiling(???) Keywords: ??(Hedysarum scoparium) ??(high temperature) ??(drought) ????(the antioxidases) ???(flavonoids) Issue Date: Jun-2009 Publisher: ?????????2009?24?6??15-19. Abstract: ????????????(1.4?2.43?. More

Hedysarum scoparium is pioneer plant for fixing sand in the desert, and nice feed for camel and sheep. Tamarix leptostachys is a good plant for fixing sand in the salinized sandy soil, and popular afforestation plant in the Gobi villages. More