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Caesalpinia paraguariensis

Caesalpinia paraguariensis is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. It is threatened by habitat loss.

trees but Caesalpinia paraguariensis is one of the few species that can attain tree status in zone 8. This great plant has a multitude of fine qualities. The soft, ferny foliage emerges a reddish-burgundy but ages to light green and gives the tree an overall soft, pleasant texture. The tree grows to a moderate size with a nice rounded shape, blooming in the spring and summer with clusters of yellow flowers. More

Caesalpinia paraguariensis (Fabaceae): forage tree for all seasons. Aronson, J and Toledo, CS. 1992. Economic Botany. 1992, 46: 2, 121-132. Guayacan (Caesalpinia paraguariensis) is an under- exploited multipurpose tree legume of the semi-arid Chaco region of southern South America. More