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Eucommia ulmoides

Eucommia is the sole member of the family Eucommiaceae, and was formerly considered to be a separate order, the Eucommiales. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Chinese herbology, where it is called dýzhÚng .

Eucommia ulmoides, and among its unique qualities is the fact that there is only this one species in the entire genus Eucommia, and only one genus in its plant family Eucommiaceae. Further, this is the only latex-bearing tree that naturally arose in the temperate climate zone. The genus name Eucommia means "good gum," referring to this rubber latex, and the species name, ulmoides, refers to the appearance of the leaves, being somewhat like those of the elm. More

Eucommia ulmoides bark extracts can be used with confidence to treat Aching Legs Expected Results: The inflammatory condition associated with Aching Legs is reduced in a day and complete relief is afforded in a week using Eucommia ulmoides bark extracts. More

chlorogenic acid in eucommia ulmoides oliv by HPLC, Chincse Journal of Information on TCM, 2006,13?1?: 44. More

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