Eriocaulon (pipewort) is a genus of about 400 species of monocotyledonous flowering plants in the family Eriocaulaceae. The genus is widely distributed, with the centers of diversity for the group occurring in tropical regions, particularly southern Asia and the Americas. A few species extend to temperate regions, with e.g. 10 species in the United States, mostly in the southern states from California to Florida, and only two species in Canada; China has 35 species, also mostly southern. Only one species (E. More

Eriocaulon heterolepis in Narsapur, Medak district, India. References - 1. ^ Kral, Robert (1966), "Eriocaulaceae of continental North America north of Mexico", Sida 2: 285332 2. ^ Kral, Robert (2006), "Eriocaulon", in Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. More

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