Family Zamiaceae

The Zamiaceae are a family of cycads that are superficially palm or fern-like.

Genera in the family Zamiaceae of plants

Ceratozamia - Ceratozamia is a genus of New World cycads in the family Zamiaceae.


Chigua - Plants have a subterranean globose stem.

Dioon - Dioon is a genus of cycads in the family Zamiaceae.

Encephalartos - Encephalartos is a genus of cycad native to Africa.

Lepidozamia - Lepidozamia is a genus of two species of cycad, native to Australia.

Microcycas - The plant grows up to 10 m tall with an upright, sometimes branching trunk that grows to 30-60 cm in diameter.

Zamia - Zamia is a genus of cycad of the family Zamiaceae, containing around 50 species, native to North, Central and South America.