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Cornus disciflora

Description: Cornus disciflora is a slow-growing, medium-size tree that reaches 25 m in height and 50 to 60 cm d.b.h. Natural history: Distribution: A cloud forest species with a wide range, extending from northern Mexico through Central America. It has been documented in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Chiapas; Guerrero; Jalisco; Michoacan; Nayarit; Oaxaca; Sonora; Tamaulipas; Veracruz), Panama. More

Specimens and images of Cornus disciflora in ARIZ database: 12 specimens found. View specimens... 10 georeferenced specimens found. View specimens... Map temporarily unavailable Click on thumbnail at left to view map of georeferenced specimens. More

CORNUS DISCIFLORA at Yerba Buena, Chiapas, Mexico CORNUS DISCIFLORA at Yerba Buena, Chiapas, Mexico Naturalist Newsletter Main Menu Backyard Nature Home Page More