Vanvoorstia bennettiana

Bennett's Seaweed is an extinct red alga from Australia. It is named after naturalist George Bennett.

Vanvoorstia bennettiana was, until an update in 2007, the only protist anywhere on the IUCN's Redlist. References - 1. ^ William Henry Harvey: Phycologia Australica; or a History of Australian Seaweeds Volume 2. Lovel Reeve, London, 1859 2. ^ Department of the Environment and Water Resources (2007-02-17). "Vanvoorstia bennettiana (Bennetts Seaweed), a marine red alga". Government of Australia. More

No specimens of Vanvoorstia bennettiana have been discovered. Within Parramatta River and Port Jackson proper, I have logged some 50 dives from 12 different sites, all of which have reasonable coverage of a few marine algal species typical of the NSW coastline. More

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