Although studies agree that the families in question are related to each other, classifications which define the order Polypodiales broadly include the Blechnales in that order.

Families in the order Blechnales of plants


Dryopteridaceae - The Dryopteridaceae, or wood ferns are a family of ferns with a cosmopolitan distribution.

Aspleniaceae - Members of the family all have intramarginal, linear sori with a flap-like indusium arising along one edge.


Woodsiaceae - Woodsiaceae or Cliff Fern is a family of fern within the Aspleniales order.


Blechnaceae - Blechnaceae is a family of nine genera and between 240-260 species of ferns, with a cosmopolitan distribution.


Lomariopsidaceae - The Lomariopsidaceae is a family of ferns with a largely tropical distribution.


Thelypteridaceae - The ferns are terrestrial, with the exception of a few which are lithophytes .