Pseudopanax ferox

The tree is sometimes also called fierce lancewood in reference to its fierce looking saw tooth shaped juvenile leaves.

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The Pseudopanax ferox usually doesn't have temperature problems during this time of year, because it can bear freezings although not too intense ones.During the winter young plants could need a light protection from the wind or cold; when putting the very young specimens, with a thin stem, in shelter, we should provide them with a high stake to keep them erect. Generalities Pseudopanax ferox The Pseudopanax ferox develops like a tree. More

Pseudopanax ferox is similar to Pseudopanax crassifolium, but is slower growing and has more coarsely serrated leaves, which have a mottled brown colouring. Has a juvenile stage and a very different adult stage. Makes a dramatic feature plant. * H 4m x W 2m * Sun or shade * Hardy. More