Fatsia polycarpa

Fatsia polycarpa is native to Taiwan. The leaves have 9-13 deep, narrow lobes, divided nearly to the base of the leaf. Some authors treat it in a separate genus, as Diplofatsia polycarpa. A sterile hybrid between Fatsia japonica and Hedera hibernica, named × Fatshedera lizei, has been produced in cultivation in western Europe. Some species formerly included in Fatsia are now classified in other genera. Fatsia papyrifera is now Tetrapanax papyrifer and Fatsia horrida is now Oplopanax horridus. More

The only source I know for Fatsia polycarpa is in the U.K., Crug Farms Nursery. If it's worth growing, I'm sure it will be more widely available within a few years. More

voici un autre lien pour le Fatsia polycarpa où l'on peut trouver cette espèce, par contre je ne sais pas s'ils expédient en France http://www.panglobalplants.com/plant_na ... r=F&page=1 a+ jérôme Lundi 27.04. More